To celebrate the International Day of Forests, the gang discusses a trio of picture books on the subject of trees. They also share their favourite forest-themed songs.

Picture Books: 
  • The Great Kapok Tree written and illustrated by Lynn Cherry, HMH Books for Young Readers.
  • The Giving Tree written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein, Harper.
  • A Little Stuck written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, Penguin Young Readers. 
  • "Open Windows" by The Good Lovelies from the album Burn the Plan, Self-Published. 
  • "Root Systems" by The Great Lake Swimmers from the album The Waves, the Wake, Nettwerk Records. 
  • "Gonna Get Good" by The Once from the album We Win Some We Lose, Directly Records. 
Episode written, recorded, and produced by Serena McDiarmid, Allison Dyjach, and Matt Rappolt
Originally Aired on Midtown Radio in March 2020